Keeping Your Carpet Clean and Fresh

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Carpet is one of the most expensive investments that a homeowner makes and being able to keep them clean and fresh is very important. Making sure that your carpet is well-maintained by keeping it clean is a great way to make sure the value of your home does not go down and an even better way to make sure your family as well as your guests enjoy being in the house.


In order to help ensure that your carpet looks good and smells fresh and clean, you need to make sure the high traffic areas are taken care of at all times. If you have dirt ground into the carpet it is going to begin to wear and may even need to be replaced sooner than you anticipated. Substances such as blood, red wine, grape juice and other dark liquids need to be cleaned up immediately as they will leave hard to remove or even impossible to remove stains on the carpet.


To keep your carpet looking as great as possible, be sure to keep the following advice on hand to be able to maintain the appearance and overall life of the carpet and rugs in your home.



Carpet and area rugs need to be vacuumed at least one time weekly. When you vacuum you are getting the dirt out of the carpet that can cause it to wear out fast. You need to vacuum before you start seeing dirt on the floor because once you can see it, it is usually already being ground into the floor and causing damage to the carpet.


Spot Removal


When you have a small spill it is very important to clean it up immediately so it will not leave a stain. Stains are very difficult to remove and many will not come out of carpet no matter how hard you try to remove them. If you have brand new carpet you may find that most spots will be easy to remove with plain water since new carpets usually have stain protection that makes clean up easier. For older carpets however, water alone is probably not going to work. You will need to invest in a good spot removing cleaner.


You should be careful when choosing a spot remover for your carpet and contact a professional carpet cleaner for advice on the best products to use. Many cleaning products that you may find in the local retail shops can actually damage carpets and this is definitely not something that most people want to do when they need to keep their carpet looking good. Foam carpet cleaner is something that you need to stay away from as it will not truly clean the spots and can actually damage the carpet.


To clean up a small spot that is fresh you need to use a clean towel to gently blot the area where the spot is. Using paper towels or a fresh and clean cotton towel is advised. Be sure to blot and do not rub as rubbing can cause the spot to become ground in and stain the area.


For spots that have already been sitting and have dried, use cool water or even a carbonated water and then start blotting with a clean towel. Continue blotting gently until the spot has been removed. If the spot cannot be removed, it may be time to call in the pros.


Professional Carpet Cleaners

Carpet should be cleaned at least one time each year. If you have a lot of foot traffic in your home, you may need to have the carpet cleaned every 3-4 months or even more often instead of once per year. Usually, a carpet cleaning professional will be able to assess how often your carpet needs to be cleaned when they come out for the initial cleaning.


A professional carpet cleaning will be able to remove the soil that can permanently damage carpet and keep it fresh and clean throughout the year. Another pro to using a qualified cleaner is that most carpet warranties require that only professionals clean the carpet. If you clean it on your own and it becomes damaged, the warranty will no longer be in effect and your carpet will need to be replaced by you and not the carpet company.


When you need to have your carpet or area rugs cleaned so they look and smell great, be sure to fill out the contact form on our website and a member of our team will contact you shortly with a great quote for professional carpet cleaning services.

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