Removing Grape Juice and Wine Stains

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Nothing can ruin a beautiful room more than a small spill from a glass of red wine or grape juice. Even a tiny dot can be turned into a large smear is it is not handled correctly to get it clean. When you have a spill and need to make sure it does not ruin the carpet, keep the following in mind and you may be able to save the carpet before it is too late.


Time. One of the most important things about cleaning a stain from grape juice or wine is to start cleaning as quickly as possible. The longer a spill stays on the carpet before it is cleaned, the bigger the chance is for it to become a stain that cannot be cleaned. Once the spill is dried, it is already set in the carpet and it will be difficult, and often impossible, to remove. If this happens, your carpet will then cause the home value to be a little lower and you may need to find an area rug to cover the spot so guests won’t see it.


Blot but No Rubbing. Never rub a wine or grape spill when you are trying to clean it from carpet. Rubbing will just push it farther down into the carpet and will leave a stain that may be impossible to remove.


Good Riddance. When you have blotted the spill enough to see that the juice or wine has been soaked up, you need to take action with a good cleaner to remove it the rest of the way. A few of the best ways to remove a grape juice or wine stain are:


  • Hydrogen peroxide and Dish Detergent. Mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoon of dish detergent and gently pour a small amount on the spot. Blot it up until the carpet is clean.


  • Warm Water and Dish Detergent. Mix One cup of warm water with one teaspoon of dish detergent. Pour on the spot and gently blot until the spot is removed.


  • Warm Water and Ammonia. Mix two cups of warm water with one tablespoon of ammonia. Blot up until spot is removed.


  • Professional Cleaner. If you have a bottle of cleaner that has been recommended by your carpet cleaner, be sure to use it to clean grape juice or wine spills on your carpet. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle or provided by the cleaner to gently get the spill up without damaging the carpet.



If you have tried to get the spill up and find that what you have tried is not working, be sure to stop as trying to find another way can lead to staining the carpet beyond repair. When you have a stain and need to have the carpet cleaned by a qualified professional, be sure to fill out the contact form on this website and a member of the Aptos Carpet Cleaning team will contact you with a quote and to schedule your carpet cleaning services.

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